Something unexpected.

A quick question to you all out there about something I learnt yesterday.

I am doing a topic at uni called “Metal Health, Mental Illness” and in my tutorial yesterday we were talking about stigma reduction. The point was then raised by my tutor that a very large portion of mental health stigma actually comes from the health professionals themselves (Doctors, nurses, health promotion officers etc.. the list is large).

I was personally quite shocked to hear this. How can something we’re trained to be treating and help manage be so stigmatised by our own professions? But it happens. It’s much easier to label a client/patient by their diagnosis than to learn their name and background, but it doesn’t make it ethical or productive. Care provided is meant to be ‘patient-centred’. 

Does finding out something like this surprise you?   I’d be interested to know. Especially if you’d had experience with such stigma in the past!